Risso Dolphins

Risso Dolphin Watching (Grampus Griseus)

The Risso Dolphin is the largest of the dolphin species and can reach lengths of 12 feet or more and weigh 600+ pounds. Often found in small pods rarely exceeding 20 in number and traveling offshore frequently, they are not as commonly viewed as their cousins the common dolphin. Rissos feed on squid and small fish. Rissos have unique markings often compared to a tradition cow in coloration with big white spots. These white spots are unique per individual and used to identify specific specimens. Rissos are relatively shy and it is a real treat to seem them breaching and for extended periods of time.


Adults…………………………………….…. $32 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Juniors (12 years old and under)………. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Seniors (60 years old and older)…….…. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Toddlers (2 years old and under)………. Free ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Prices subject to change without notice. A $1 to $4 fuel surcharge may be in effect if the price of marine diesel exceeds $3.50 per gallon. Outside alcohol, ice chests, coolers, or glass containers are strictly prohibited. Vessel may change depending on availability.

Months Cruise 1 Cruise 2 Cruise 3 Cruise 4
March through October 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily N/A
May through September 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily 6:00 pm Daily
November through Feb 10:00 am M-F 1:00 pm M-F 2:30 pm M-F N/A
November through Feb 9:30 am S-S 12:00 pm S-S 2:30 pm S-S N/A

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