Orca Whales

Killer Whale Watching Long Beach Area (Orcinus Orca)

It is a real treat when we get to see the transient Orca Whales that will pass through Newport Beach- so much so that if they are in the area and you have an upcoming reservation, we will call you to get you out to see them!
Orcas, or Killer Whales, are the most easily spotted whales on our trips due to their long dorsal fins and the fact that they travel in large groups. These groups, or pods, generally consist of moms, babies, juveniles, and at least one adult male. Orcas can grow to be 32 feet and 9 tons, with females being relatively smaller than males. Orcas are considered the top predators of the ocean and feed on anything ranging from sea lions, seals, squid, schooling fish, and sometimes even dolphins and porpoises!
Some scientists debate over whether the Orca populations should be divided into different subspecies. They are divided into different groups of residents, offshores, and transients, with the transient groups being the pods seen off the coast of Southern California.


Adults…………………………………….…. $32 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Juniors (12 years old and under)………. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Seniors (60 years old and older)…….…. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Toddlers (2 years old and under)………. Free ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Prices subject to change without notice. A $1 to $4 fuel surcharge may be in effect if the price of marine diesel exceeds $3.50 per gallon. Outside alcohol, ice chests, coolers, or glass containers are strictly prohibited. Vessel may change depending on availability.

Months Cruise 1 Cruise 2 Cruise 3 Cruise 4
March through October 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily N/A
May through September 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily 6:00 pm Daily
November through Feb 10:00 am M-F 1:00 pm M-F 2:30 pm M-F N/A
November through Feb 9:30 am S-S 12:00 pm S-S 2:30 pm S-S N/A

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