Minke Whales

MINKE WHALE WATCHING (Balaenoptera Acutorostrata)

The Minke Whale reaches lengths of 25-35 feet and is the smallest of all the non-toothed whales. There are two species of minke whale, the first is somewhat larger northern hemisphere that reaches lengths of 35 feet while there is also a dwarf southern Hemisphere species that is much smaller. Minkes are fairly solitary and travel alone or in small groups of up to maybe 5 whales. Minke’s filter their food through baleens and their primary food source is krill and plankton. Minke whales can dive underwater for up to 30 minutes but most come up to breath air just as we do. Minke whales are one of the more numerous whales with about 800,000 in existence worldwide. Most minkes live for about 20 years. Minkes reach sexual maturity at an early age of 2 years and this may help to explain their relatively high number of whales in existence compared to other whales. .


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