Humpback Whales

HUMPBACK WHALE (Megaptera Novaeangliae)

The third largest of all animals the Humpback Whale can grow to lengths of 50 feet. Offered covered in barnacles these whales are easily distinguishable from other whales such as blue or finback whales. How the barnacles end up of the humpback whales is somewhat of a mystery but the most common belief is that juvenile humpback whales swim in waters that have barnacle larvae which then attaches and remains on the whale for the remainder of its life. The barnacles although they look painful have no effect on the whales for the most part. There is some speculation that whales with large number of barnacles may experience a slightly higher level of stress from the extra weight.
Viewing Humpback Whales is always a special treat and they are known for their breaching and fluking qualities. Often a humpback whale will breach many times in a short amount of time coming completely out of the water. Tail slapping and other water displacing activities just add to the excitement of witnessing these whales. Humpback whales needless to say are far from shy and will often approach whale watching ships.
Humpback Whales live to very long and specimens have been recorded to one hundred years or longer. They normally travel in small groups. Female humpback whales are slightly larger than their male counter parts. Humpback whales consume an incredible amount of food with the average daily consumption adding up to over 2 tons of krill or fish.
Along with their amazing displays, Humpback whales are very vocal with a well-recognized song that is used to attract females. This song is unique to each male and every year the male changes the version slightly.
Humpbacks have become much more common off our coastline during the last half dozen years. When sighted the days following will usually also view the humpback whales as they have a tendency to remain in one area for several days.


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