Gray Whales


Thanks to their predictable migrations, Gray Whales were really the species that sparked the whale watching industry in the early 1950’s. Whale watchers off the coast of San Diego began to notice that Gray Whales could be seen through the winter and spring months without fail. The Gray Whale migration begins in December and ends in May or early June. Gray Whales begin their migration by traveling south to Baja to breed and have their babies, or calves. The migration ends with the Gray Whales traveling, oftentimes with their young, back to just north of Alaska to feed. It is the longest migration of any animal on Earth, nearing 13,000 miles round trip— that’s like driving between Newport Landing and Disneyland more than 600 times!!
Grays are one of the smallest species of baleen whale, but still reach astonishing lengths of up to 46 feet and can weigh in at almost 40 tons!
Unlike other baleen-whales, Gray Whales get their food by filtering it out of the mud at the bottom of the ocean. This and the fact that Gray Whales with their young tend to stay close to shore makes for some great viewing opportunities all throughout the migration.


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November through Feb 10:00 am M-F 1:00 pm M-F 2:30 pm M-F N/A
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