Common Dolphins

Common Dolphin Watching (Delphinus Delphis/Capensis)

Resident pods of Common Dolphins are located in southern California and are viewed year round. Common dolphin are quite small when compared to whales with adults reaching approximately 8 feet and weighing about 300 pounds. Common Dolphin are a toothed-whale and eat squid and small school fish. Common dolphin can be distinguished by the tan/orange intricate coloration.
There are two species of Common Dolphin, a Short-Beaked and Long-Beaked and are very hard to distinguish between unless they are present at the same time. Both species can be found traveling in mega-pods of up to 500-1000+ individuals.
Common Dolphins make for amazing viewing being very active and playful and often curous of the whale watching ships. In fact, Common Dolphin will swim right up to the whale watching ship and play in the wake.


Adults…………………………………….…. $32 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Juniors (12 years old and under)………. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Seniors (60 years old and older)…….…. $26 ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Toddlers (2 years old and under)………. Free ($3.50 Fuel Surcharge)
Prices subject to change without notice. A $1 to $4 fuel surcharge may be in effect if the price of marine diesel exceeds $3.50 per gallon. Outside alcohol, ice chests, coolers, or glass containers are strictly prohibited. Vessel may change depending on availability.

Months Cruise 1 Cruise 2 Cruise 3 Cruise 4
March through October 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily N/A
May through September 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily 6:00 pm Daily
November through Feb 10:00 am M-F 1:00 pm M-F 2:30 pm M-F N/A
November through Feb 9:30 am S-S 12:00 pm S-S 2:30 pm S-S N/A

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