Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin Watching (Tursiops Truncates)

Bottlenose dolphin are one of the most widely known species of dolphin which such TV shows as Flipper and many movies. Larger than the common dolphin with average length of 12 feet and weighing from 1200-1400+ pounds. Schooling fish and squid are their primary food sources and they eat a amazing 30 pounds of food per day.
While a dolphin sleeps, it will travel along the surface with only half of its brain asleep, while the other half of its brain is active consciously breathing. Bottlenose dolphin are incredibly intelligent animals and tolerate captivity quite well. Bottlenose dolphin live for 50 or more years.
Female bottlenose dolphin reach maturity at from 5 to 10 years while males take at least 10 years to mature. Females have one calf about every 2 to 3 years. Baby bottlenose dolphin remain with their moms for about 5 years learning how to eat and react to their environment. Bottlenose dolphin are found worldwide in both temperate and tropical waters. Some populations remain in one area for their lives, while others migrate. Pod sizes are much smaller than common dolphin with average pods numbering about 20 animals.
Dolphins communicate with each other through echolocation. Echolocation is also navigate through murky water and to locate prey. Sounds waves bounce off objects very similar to sonar. Bottlenose Dolphin are not fish, they are mammals which means that they breathe air just like humans. The only difference between a dolphins’ breathing and a humans’ breathing is that dolphin have voluntary breathing versus involuntary for humans meaning dolphin have to think about each breath that they take.


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