$14 Whale Watching Special Reservation

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For online reservations please select date and cruise time and complete the other fields for contact information. For reservations over 24 hours you will receive confirmation email. For reservations made under 24 hours from time of desired departure please call during business hours to confirm reservation. Online reservations do not require credit card information at the time of filling out form

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Juniors (Ages 3 - 12)

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Months Cruise 1 Cruise 2 Cruise 3 Cruise 4
March through October 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily N/A
May through September 10:00 am Daily 1:00 pm Daily 3:30 pm Daily 6:00 pm Daily
November through Feb 10:00 am M-F 1:00 pm M-F 2:30 pm M-F N/A
November through Feb 9:30 am S-S 12:00 pm S-S 2:30 pm S-S N/A

Do you need help? You can also call us at (949)675-0551 to make a reservation!